Safety Recalls & Auto Insurance – Is There an Impact?

Car Recalls and Auto Insurance San Gabriel CAReceiving notices for car recalls and safety recalls can be extremely alarming, especially if you have never experienced one before. While you may be inclined to panic and assume your car is going to breakdown at any moment, a safety recall simply means that a problem has been detected and there is a plan on how to fix it.

If you have just received a safety recall notice, read it in its entirety. The notice should inform you of the manufacturer’s next course of action and in what manner they plan to fix the situation. This will typically be a repair, reimbursement, or replacement, and you are welcome to go to the nearest dealership to remediate the situation.

While you may be worried that this safety recall will negatively impact your auto insurance, the only thing that can cause a negative effect is neglect. If you fail to answer your recall notice and continue driving around with a faulty seat belt for months, your negligence can leave you liable for many accidents or injuries that occur as a result. However, if you respond to the safety recall in a timely manner and follow all suggestions, you should be in the clear. In fact, some safety recalls that gain national attention end up decreasing the value of your car, which in turn, decreases the replacement cost value of your car. When your car costs less to replace, your auto insurance premium will decrease accordingly.

Therefore, if you receive a safety recall notice, do not panic. Rather, simply refer to these informational points and follow the instructions listed.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you are concerned with how a recent safety recall will affect your auto insurance premium. Serving San Gabriel, Westminster, and all of California, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency for all of your auto insurance needs. We will provide you with unmatched protection for the Southern California roads.

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