Tips For Your Young Driver

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Keep Your Teen Safe On The Roadways With These Guidelines

Your teen is likely over the moon about getting their driver’s license, and you probably remember the excitement you felt when you first put the key in the ignition as a licensed driver. Convert some of that enthusiasm into a care for safety by setting out some safety tips for your new driver right out of the gate. That way, you can encourage safe driving now and for years to come.

  • Ease Them In: It can feel overwhelming for your teen to go from zero to sixty as far as driving ability goes. Help them get comfortable behind the wheel by setting some restrictions in their first months of driving, such as a cutoff at a certain time (the majority of fatal crashes for teens happen between 9:00 p.m. and midnight) and limiting their number of passengers. Talk through these guidelines with them so they will understand you are trying to keep them safe, not bust their fun.
  • Let Cash Do The Talking: For many young drivers, cruising around can seem devoid of consequences. Your teen likely cannot assume all of the costs of driving, but having them pay a portion of the gas, for one oil change, or a small part of their insurance premiums can help them better understand their responsibility as a driver.
  • Study Up: Young drivers who have had more experience are safer behind the wheel, so investing in a state-certified safe driving course is well worth it. The learning they are already doing at high school is important too, and getting good grades can qualify them (and you!) for a good student discount.

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