Necessary Insurance Updates with Major Life Events

Assess Changes to Your Insurance NeedsIn order to assess changes to your insurance needs, you must know what insurance coverage you hold and what coverage you are lacking. Certain life stages call for an update in your standard and most important policies, such as your homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance policies. There are a variety of major life events that call for a policy update, including:

  • If you have recently changed your marital status, whether engaged, married, or divorced, there are a variety of policies that must be altered accordingly. Since your driving situation, living situation, and life situations have all changed, these policies will require an update.
  • Having a baby or adopting a baby also means it is time to update the policy. You will want to add them on your life insurance policy to ensure their future safety if the worst were to happen.
  • If your teen has recently discovered their freedom on the roads, you will need to update your auto insurance policy to account for the new, inexperienced driver on the roads.
  • Did you know that conducting renovations on your home calls for a homeowner’s insurance update? This is an extremely important task to do, because you most definitely want your brand new balcony to receive coverage.
  • Most importantly, if at any moment you are unsure if your life event calls for a policy update, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Are all of your policies updated based on your current life stage? Please do not hesitate to give us a call to confirm coverage of your essential insurance policies. Serving San Gabriel, Westminster, and all of California, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency for all of your insurance needs.

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