Are Your Winter Toys Insured Against Loss?

During the winter months, people love to bundle up and have fun in the snow.  Adequate insurance coverage is rarely thought of until something happens.  A discussion with your insurance agent should occur prior to family outings during winter.

  • Snowmobiles – Repair or replacement of the snowmobile would be expensive whether you are riding the machine or towing it behind a vehicle.  Adequate liability coverage is important in case other people are part of a collision.
  • ATVs – Off-road vehicle insurance is important for these rugged toys.  Insurance is not required, but prudent when people venture out into the wilderness.
  • Sledding, skiing and skating – Property owners have liability insurance.  Homeowners insurance can cover certain mishaps that occur away from home.  An umbrella liability insurance coverage is prudent when youngsters are having fun with other people.

Avoid the financial hardship that can come with being uninsured for winter activities.  Insurance is less expensive than paying for medical bills and property loss out of pocket.  Experience insurance agents are advocates in the effort to protect private property from loss in litigation.

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