Sticking To Your Resolutions? There’s An App For That!

Apps That'll Help You Stick To Your New Year's ResolutionsDownload These Apps To Support Your Goals In the New Year

Sure, you may have broken your New Year’s resolutions in 2014, but you likely did not have a little friend that you carry with you everywhere you go reminding you to stick to your goals. In this modern age, our smartphones ought to be used for more than just distraction, and that is where these apps come in. Use these applications, compatible with iOS and Android software, to keep on track in 2015.

  • For Intellectual Goals: If you have tried to learn a new language but lose drive after a time, Duolingo is the app for you. Easy to begin (just create an account and choose a language) and continue (each lesson is quick and fun), this application will enable you to take steps towards finally becoming fluent in 2015.
  • For Fitness Goals: If you want to start slowly, consider downloading The Walk, a game-based app that will encourage you to simply walk each day to advance in the storyline. If you want more control, MyFitnessPal allows you to track both your physical activity and your calorie intake.
  • For Financial Goals: One of the easiest ways to spend more carefully is to have a reminder of what that impulse purchase will do to your bank account. Mint is a free, easy to set up financial application that allows you to create budgets, track your spending, and set and track financial goals.
  • For Quitting Smoking: The most discouraging part of quitting is picking up that one cigarette after weeks without. With MyQuit Coach, you will be able to see your progress instead of feeling like you have entirely backslid, and can set yourself a realistic pace for quitting.

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