2014’s Best iPhone Applications

Best Apps from 2014

These Apps Wowed Apple And Made Their List For Best Of The Last Year

If you are an iPhone owner, you probably carry your phone with you every single day. These phone apps, voted the best of the year by the geniuses at Apple, will make your portable device the best it can be for fun and productivity.

Best Apps

  • Winner: Elevate, this free app is designed to help you train your brain. It consists of a variety of tests and games that will put your mental faculties to good use. Each day, the app offers three games in the category of Agility, Visualization, Contextualization, Connotation, Processing, Comprehension, Inversion, Brevity, Error Avoidance, Syntax, Refinement, Precision, Memory, and Focus. To get the full experience, the app costs $9.99 a month. Fortunately, you can take it for a free spin before deciding if it is worth it for you to invest.
  • Runner Up: Hyperlapse From Instagram, you can create stunning time-lapse videos with this free app. It instantly stabilizes the video you take so you can have polished, professional looking time-lapses to wow your friends and family.

Best Game Apps

  • Winner: Threes! An Apple Design Award Winner, this $1.99 app offers fun and challenging puzzles, an original soundtrack, and unique, cute characters. You might think a numbers game sounds boring, but Joystiq called this game “surprisingly adorable” and reviewers say it is addicting.
  • Runner Up: Leo’s Fortune This game offers handcrafted, intricately detailed levels through which you hunt the tricky, elusive thief who stole your gold. Trek through deserts, visit pirate cities, and climb snowy mountains all in the palm of your hand with this $4.99 game.

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