Timy: An App To Help Wake You Up

An App To Help Wake you UPThis App Can Help You Wake Up

While on the weekend the morning is a beautiful, sunshine-filled time, on Monday morning it is not so rosey. How do you survive that dreaded Monday morning alarm clock without having to undergo the painful experience of literally dragging yourself out of bed?

For Android users, the morning might become a little bit easier thanks to Timy, an app to help you wake up.

There are countless phone apps that claim they can increase your productivity, but you have likely found that the delivered results are minimal. What if, though, there was an app that actually gave you more time in your day?

With Timy Alarm Clock, available in the Android app store for free, you get all of the functions of your phone’s standard built-in alarm clock, and then some, making it easier to wake up and start your day on time.

When you first look at it, Timy will resemble your phone’s alarm. You can hit the snooze button. You can set your alarm to play songs or sounds from your personal library. You can set multiple alarms. All sounds pretty basic, right?

The fun begins when the alarm goes off (yes, you read that right!). When the alarm goes off, you can either hit the 10-minute snooze or play a quick, fun, and easy on-screen game in order to dismiss the alarm. This game—which is played by pressing key areas on a cute animal—forces you to use your brain when you first wake up, easing you into the day.

If you download Timy, let us know if it helps your morning routine! For all of your insurance needs in San Gabriel, Westminster, and the rest of Southern California, contact Pulp Street Insurance Agency. We can help you get more time in your day by ensuring you get the policy you need as quickly and easily as possible!

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