The 4-Day Workweek May Not Be Just A Dream!

Can the 4-Day Work Week be Reality?Do the weekends always go by faster than you would like? Wouldn’t you love an extra day to spend either relaxing or checking errands off of your to-do list? We sure would! A shortened workweek is an idea that has been suggested more than once, but has yet to be taken seriously. However, more and more people are starting to show real interest in the idea!

There are a number of economic advantages that would be created with a 4-day workweek. Employees would experience a greater happiness level, and become more productive. No negative effects have yet to be suggested! Society as a whole would benefit from decreased traffic, and reduced use of public resources.

The process of reducing the workweek is not all that complicated. Employers would simply have to refigure schedules, and timetables. While no changes have been put into motion, a number of successful individuals have stated their support for the switch. An example is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim who believes that a shorter workweek is the direction in which we are headed. He has gone on record saying that workers deserve to spend more time with their families, and should have the time to increase their education if they so desire. Another example is Larry Page, the head of Google. He believes that real action needs to be taken to secure the 3-day weekend. Unsurprisingly, there seems to be great public support for the shortened workweek! Approximately 83% of individuals polled in a recent study opt for the change. We can only hope that real adjustments will be made within the next decade, guiding us to a glorious and permanent 3-day weekend!

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