16 Foods High In Fiber

16 Foods High in FiberEat More Of These 16 High Fiber Foods

On your path to healthy eating, you have probably found that fiber is key. It helps your digestion system, lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease, and can help you lower your blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Despite all of these benefits, less than 3 percent of people in the US get their recommended amount of fiber each day!

How much should you be having? Men under 50 should eat around 38 grams, while men over 50 need 30. Women under 50 should consume 25 grams, and women over 50 are recommended to eat 21 grams per day.

To help you get your recommended daily dosage of fiber, here is a list of 16 foods high in fiber.

  1. Split Peas: 16.3 grams per cup when cooked
  2. Lentils: 15.6 grams per cup when cooked
  3. Black Beans: 15 grams per cup when cooked
  4. Lima Beans: 13.2 grams per cup when cooked
  5. Artichokes: 10.3 grams per medium artichoke when cooked
  6. Peas: 8.8 grams per cup when cooked
  7. Broccoli: 5.1 grams per cup when boiled
  8. Brussel Sprouts: 4.1 grams per cup when boiled
  9. Raspberries: 8 grams per cup
  10. Blackberries: 7.6 grams per cup
  11. Avocados: 6.7 grams per half
  12. Pears: 5.5 grams per medium pear
  13. Bran Flakes: 7 grams per cup
  14. Whole Wheat Pasta: 6.3 grams per cup when cooked
  15. Pearled Barley: 6 grams per cup when cooked
  16. Oatmeal: 4 grams per cup when cooked

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